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Booking and Cancellation rules and general conditions.

* Solaki Yoga retreats are a cooperation of different hosts. 

Retreats and holidays need a minimum of participants to be confirmed

and can host a maximum of a certain amount of participants, depending

on the accommodation used. Because of these strict numbers, unfortunately the conditions also have to be strict.


* In booking a retreat with Solaki Yoga, you will automatically agree to the conditions, so please read carefully. Sometimes the accommodation that I use has stricter cancellation rules, in that case the rules of the accommodation apply.

* Your booking will be valid only after a deposit within 7 days (non refundable). The amount of the deposit differs according to the retreat. After applying for participation of the retreat, you will be send a confirmation email and the amount of the deposit will be specified there.

* The remaining amount needs to be fully paid six weeks before the start of the retreat.

* Solaki Yoga has the right to make changes to the schedule or the accommodation, before or during the retreat, if there are valuable reasons to do so.

Cancellation policy :

* Solaki Yoga has the right to cancel the retreat if there are well-founded reasons, including insufficient participants, illness of teacher or business partners that co-host the retreat or force majeure. In case of cancellation by Solaki Yoga, every participant will get a full refund of the amount already paid. Participants are not entitled to any other form of compensation.

* In case of cancellation by a participant, due to illness or personal circumstances, the participant is entitled to a refund of part of the costs of the retreat:

- Until 3 months before the start you will get a 50% reimbursement of the participation costs

- Until 2 months before the start you will get 25% reimbursement of the participation costs

- Until 2 weeks before the start you will get a 10% reimbursement of the participation costs

- Cancellations within 2 weeks before the start of the retreat will not be reimbursed. Every participant is nevertheless allowed to find someone else to take his/her place, as long as the data of this person are immediately communicated with Solaki Yoga.

* A retreat will be canceled if the amount of participants drops under the minimum amount of participants that is needed to run the retreat. The minimum amount of participants is not the same with all retreats, mostly depending on the guides of the third parties I use during the retreats. 

* Only after it’s 100% sure retreat can be confirmed and there are no Pandemic COVID-19 restrictions will the deposit be non-refundable.

* Flight cancellations of a certain flight company, when there is no general flight restriction applicable (and other flight companies still fly) will not be a valid reason for a full refund (maybe consider buying a cancellation insurance that will cover this).

Liability :


* Solaki Yoga and the co-hosts will ensure a proper and orderly course of the retreat.

* Participation is entirely at your own risk. Based on the individual descriptions of the retreats, it can be understood what kind of physical condition is needed. I trust you book only if your physical condition is sufficient.

* Solaki Yoga is not liable for injury and/or damage of any kind resulting from the stay and/or activities, nor for loss or damage to property. Be sure you are covered by your (health) insurance or buy a travel-insurance.


Medical disclaimers :


* The Yin Yoga activities as Solaki Yoga offers are intended as leisure activities and not as a substitute for medically necessary treatments or therapy. Therefore always discuss physical and/or psychological complaints with a qualified doctor.

* Always report physical complaints before the Yin Yoga sessions to the teacher.



House Rules :


* No drugs and no excessive alcohol use during the retreat allowed.

Non-prescribed drug use is not allowed in Jordan and legal prosecutions are severe. Even though Jordan is a Muslim country, alcohol consumption is not forbidden, but during the retreat is discouraged and preferably refrained from.

* Respect for every person, regardless of religion, beliefs, orientation, gender and development is the most important core value. Solaki Yoga is respectful to all participants and expects participants to be respectful to each other, the co-hosts and all people we will meet during the retreat.

* Together with her co-hosts, Solaki Yoga has chosen the locations and accommodations with care to offer participants a safe and livable environment during the retreat. Participants are expected to treat the locations where we stay and its surroundings with care. Clean up your things, don’t leave rubbish, especially not in the desert (including toilet paper – either burned or taken with you, or clean yourself with water as a real Bedouin). Any damage caused will be recovered from the participant.


* Any participant who does not respect the HOUSE RULES or does not follow the instructions from the host, co-hosts or staff of locations where we are staying, can be removed from the retreat and will not be entitled to any form of refund or compensation.

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