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Themed On Line Yin Yoga Classes in English.

                            AT THE MOMENT NOT AVAILABLE 

Every Monday evening at 8 PM CET (=Central European Timezone which is GMT ot UTC+1) I offer an approx 90 minutes themed Yin Yoga class online.

In English. Accessible with ZOOM by using the ZOOM-App or directly from the ZOOM-website so you don't need to create an account. Please enter your name when you come on line so I know who you are ;-). To join the class you need a link that you will receive after the donation is made. If you want more info about this, contact me.

* My classes are donation - based, because I want them to be accessible for everyone. Financial circumstances differ and I trust all of you to make a donation that is reasonable according to your own personal situation.

To make a donation you can use this button :  

* To be prepared :
Have as many pillows as possible, warm clothes, a blanket and socks ready. If you have a bolster and or blocks - that would be great, but it's not necessary.
Keep in mind that in Yin Yoga poses we never stretch tissue aggressively. We stay for 3 up to 7 minutes in the poses so you might feel the stretch becoming less and more space is created in your body, you will 'sink further into the pose'. Always try to find a way into the pose that is accessible for your body, in which you can fully relax and where you feel a slight, comfortable and relaxing stretch in the target area (that I will mention).

If you can't find a way to be comfortable or are in pain, come to sitting or lie on back, belly or in child pose. If you would like me to give you an other option for a similar pose, wave to draw my intention and I will give you an alternative.

* Please come on line at least 5 minutes before the class starts, so we can start on time without interference, and fill out your name on screen so I can see who is on line.

* Note : if you like to be invited to my future classes in the form of facebook events, join my group Solaki Yoga Online Yin Classes so you will be automatically invited when I create a class (event).. Or like my page Solaki Yoga.

* My classes have themes, usually related to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine); Five Elements and Meridian Theory, sometimes combined with AcuYin, MyoYin, Qi Gong or other energetic exercises. If you would like to work on a specific theme or have a request, please contact me and give me your suggestions.

* I am looking forward to see you in 'class' on Mondays at 8 PM.

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