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Dive Deep into Yin Yoga,
practice, experience, learn, receive and make Yin your own


'Yin is in' is a phrase we hear a lot lately. But what exactly is Yin Yoga and how does it differ from other forms of yoga ? If we are not familiar with the Yinside and watch a Yin class, it might look like a bunch of people that sit in comfortable positions, in silence, doing nothing. Nothing is further from the truth though - Yin Yoga is hard work for you body.

The main difference is that in Yin Yoga we work the Yin tissues, the so called connective tissues  (tendons, joints, fascia) in our body, these tissues are stimulated in a different way then our Yang tissues (muscles). So the Yinners in a Yin class have a lot of juicy things going on in their body, by stretching this Yin tissue, cells are being stimulated to renew, trigger points (aka knots) in muscles are being untied, stuck tissues are being loosened, dried tissue is being hydrated.


Stimulating the Yin tissues in a safe manner needs an individual approach because everybody is different. Every body is different. This is why teaching needs a functional approach; it's not about how you look, but how you feel. This is why, watching a Yin class it might strike you as a surprise that the students are all different in a pose or even in different poses. What you can't see is that they all are targeting the same area though. They learned what works best for them, how to use props to be comfortable. Because comfort is needed to relax the muscles, relaxing the muscles is needed to target the Yin tissue.

There are different tools we can use to target and stimulate Yin, or connective tissue, especially if we introduce acupressure and myofascial release into our practice. These techniques target Yin tissue in a more direct or even deeper way. 

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The foundation of Yin Yoga lies in the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and therefor easily connected with Tai Chi or QiGong exercises, that we can consider the Yang to our Yin but with the same goal : stimulating the Qi to flow through our meridians so our body is nurtured and nourished and we are balanced. 


This retreat gives you the chance to dive deep into Yin.

For those that just love Yin and want to know a bit more about it, for those that are unfamiliar and are curious, for those that teach other styles of Yoga but like to introduce some Yin in their classes. 

We will practice daily and have workshop alike classes as well.

My intention is to give you the chance to really experience the effect of Yin Yoga, what it does with your body, familiarize yourself with the different alternative poses, the way to use props, to find out what most suits your body. To introduce you to the tools we can use in Yin, QiGong exercises, AcuYin and MyoYin, but also to learn a bit about the theory behind Yin, TCM, traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridian system, the five elements theory. 

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This retreat will take place in Greece, location and dates TBD. 

Price = 500 €   

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