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Wadi Rum

Magical Desert Yin Journey 2022

Be astonished by the hidden Rose city of Petra and travel like a Bedouin, becoming one with the Wadi Rum desert with her stunning landscape of amazing rock formations, red sand and breathtaking, always changing views. Let the silence of the desert embrace and her red energy replenish you.

Magical Desert Yin Journey 2022

Time & Location

01 nov. 15:00 – 10 nov. 10:00

Wadi Rum, wadirum قرية وادي رم، 77110, Jordan

About The Event

A 10-days Yin journey that will lead you from an ancient ‘lost’, hidden city into the depths of a breathtaking red desert. 

Jordan is a very safe country with lots of tourists but doesn't have the all-inclusive-tourist style. Jordan is filled with culture and has a lot to offer in a reasonably small country, a bit bigger than Ireland but a smaller than Portugal. To travel Jordan you don't need to spend hours and hours in a car. Jordan has many archaeological sites that are worth visiting but one of them is probably on your bucket list : Petra  - “It is like a fairy tale city, all pink and wonderful.” The Rose city is indeed enchantingly beautiful but when I visited Jordan it was the Wadi Rum desert that stole my heart and what made me fall in love with this country. I would like to share my love for Jordan and Yin yoga with you by offering a journey from a hidden rose city to a fairy tale of Arabian nights under a starry sky in a red desert where granite rocks become statues. 

Retreat in cooperation with Petra Fig Tree https://www.petrafigtreevilla.com/

and Jordan Desert Journeys https://www.jordan-desert-journeys.com/en/home-is-where-the-heart-is/

* Short description of the retreat

We will meet each other in Aqaba to meet the middle Eastern culture and the next day will drive to Wadi Musa, the valley where the hidden city of Petra lies. We'll spend 2 days there and then move to the Wadi Rum desert, where we will travel as Bedouins from one place to another, setting up (wild) camp where we end the day, sleeping under the starry sky. We will immerse into the magical energy and silence of this Red sand desert. This journey will be intense and leave an everlasting memory.

Full description see under 'Jordan Desert retreat' tab.

Short day yo day description of places where we'll stay and days/hours we'll travel :

Day 1, Tuesday

Arrival Aqaba  airport - Hotel El Qidra (or a similar accommodation) in Aqaba city (15 JD tax not incl). 

Evening dinner in town (normal price around 20 JD not incl)

Day 2, Wednesday 

After El Qidra Hotel Breakfast (incl) transport (around 2 hours drive) from Aqaba to B&B Petra Fig Tree in Wadi Musa (incl).

Visit Petra (Fee included in Jodan Pass 75 JD to be bought up front online), lunch (not incl) in Wadi Musa town or within Petra.

Dinner (incl) in the B&B. Relaxing Yin Yoga session.

Day 3, Thursday 

Early breakfast in B&B Petra Fig (incl), transport to Little Petra byTaxi (incl). Hike with guide within 4 hours via the backroad from Little Petra, via the Monastery to Petra (incl). Relaxing muscles with Yin Yoga and dinner at the B&B.

Day 4, Friday 

After breakfast (incl) transport (around 2 hours) to Wadi Rum Desert Camp (incl), lunch (incl), relaxing. 

Yin Yoga session : Element WATER and dinner (incl). Dinner (incl), sleep in tent.

Day 5, Saturday 

After breakfast (incl) in Wadi Rum Desert Camp start our journey Wadi Rum Trekking with Guide + Camels (jeep for luggage).

Stop for lunch (incl) (B). Yin Yoga session : Element WOOD. Hiking / camel riding further to find a place to put up  Wadi Rum Wild Camp. Dinner (incl) around the fire. Sleep in the open.

Day 6, Sunday 

Breakfast (incl). Wadi Rum Trekking with Guide + Camels through desert. Lunch (incl), Yin Yoga session : Element FIRE.

Wadi Rum Wild Camp. Dinner (incl). Sleep in the open.

Day 7, Monday 

Breakfast (incl). Wadi Rum Trekking with Guide + Camels through desert. Lunch (incl), Yin Yoga session : Element EARTH.

Wadi Rum Wild Camp. Dinner (incl). Sleep in the open.

Day 8, Tuesday 

Breakfast (incl). Wadi Rum Trekking with Guide + Camels through desert. Lunch (incl), Yin Yoga session : Element METAL,

Trekking to Wadi Rum Desert Camp. Dinner (incl). Sleep in camp

Day 9, Wednesday 

Breakfast in Wadi Rum Desert Camp (incl) and transport to Aqaba, Almarsa Village Dive Resort (or similar accommodation) located at the red sea (incl) Lunch (not incl) and relaxing Yin Yoga session at the beach or around the swimming pool.

Dinner in one of the nearby restaurants (not incl)

Day 10, Thursday 

Breakfast in the Hotel (incl) and according to flight times transport to airport (not incl).

For any further information contact me at solaki.yoga@gmail.com

Minimum amount of participants is 5, maximum 9.