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The sunny side of 2020

2020. Turned out to be a year where everything changed.

The world changed, it went in lockdown, it stopped turning.

For a few months, people could not travel, could not work, not go outside.

Pollution disappeared from big cities, animals gained terrain, streets were empty.

Was it a signal from the cosmos to stop and reflect, was it a setup from out government to be able to control us ? Is there really a great danger or a false alarm with disastrous consequences ? Will we ever know ?

At this moment, July 2020, I only know what it did to me ;

due to the fact that I could not do my regular job in tourism, I concentrated on my other big love, Yin yoga.

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 35 years but only recently I found the inspiration to wanting to share my knowledge with others. I wanted to teach. To help people in dealing with problems, physical, emotional, to let them get in touch with the concept of Chi, Prana, Life energy. In February 2019 in Goa, India I completed a 200hrs Hatha (Sivananda) and 50hrs Yin Yoga Teacher training and since then I started teaching. In Greece, Morocco and the Netherlands.

The slower pace in life (compared with working in tourism) that I live now, stuck in the Netherlands, gave me the time to really dive into expanding my ambition to teach.

This website is a result of that, so I am proud to present this to you.

And after the dark disappointment of not being able to work in Greece as was planned for me, the sunny side is the development of this website, my Yin classes in Roosendaal and my 2 upcoming retreats in Spain. In August I will join another 60hrs Yin Yoga teacher training, focused on Chinese Medicine and as soon as possible I will also travel to Jordan to start organizing an amazing Yin Yoga desert retreat.

Plan B for 2020 might just a well be the change of a lifetime for me ……

Hope to see you at the mat sometime soon,

Stay safe,


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